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AMA looking to IMGs to fill up unfilled posts?

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hey folks,
I went to a promotional seminar of Kaplan, India today....the lecturer there, a resident associated with Kaplan medical, said that the American Medical Association is looking up to NRMP to fill the gap in residents they are facing due to dearth of American graduates...the person also highlighted that in next 5 years...the situation will remain same and chances of IMGs getting a match is bright....

However from the discussion in this forum earlier, I thought the situation was reverse??!! can anyone shed some divine light upon this issue...

I think it was a marketing gimmick of Kaplan to draw more students? or is it that he is saying the truth??
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My opinion

Although there's a significant shortage of physicians in training (residents) in USA. It's unlikely that this shortage going to be covered by IMGs in the foreseeable future.

Here are the reasons:

- Medicare (the federal fund that is responsible for resident training expenses) did not increase the number of residency positions and therefore the shortage will stay the same.

- US medical schools have stepped up the number of graduates by up to 15% in some cases. Therefore, if ever they increase the number of residency position they will be covered by US grads rahter than IMGs.

Bottom line, I think the situation will stay the same for the next 5 years or so. I mean not easier and not more difficult than today.
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