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A very high yield topic in USMLE Step 1
Questions revolve around the cervical plexus and the ansa cervicalis and what is supplied by which.
It's quite difficult to memorize such interconnection without an adequate visualization. The image below helps a lot.

The most important points to see in the image are:

  • The strap muscles (highlighted yellow in the image below) are all supplied by the ansa except for the Thyriohyoid and Geniohyoid which derive their innervations only from C1 root.
  • C1 root courses with the hypoglossal nerve
  • The phrenic nerve roots are C3,C4,C5
  • The accessory nerve cervical roots
  • The ansa cervicalis roots C1,C2,C3
  • The cutaneous nerve that goes back up and supply the area behind the ear
Here's the chart

Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Diagram

Copyright notice: this image is a modification of a public domain image found in Wikkimedia
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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