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Antidepressants Mechanism of Action - FA 2010

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Can someone please explain this?

What I think is happening:

Tricyclics & SSRI's are preventing the re uptake of NE & 5-HT, therefore there is more available extracellularly for action in the post synapse.

The MAO Inhibitors are preventing MAO from metabolizing both NE & 5-HT so more can be use in the synapse.

So all the actions of the drugs are synergistic? :rolleyes:

This is from FA 2010, Psychiatry Chapter, Page 452
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This image just shows the actions of the three different types of Drugs - SSRI's, MAOI's and TCA's. They have just showed one image instead of showing three different ones because the site of action is the same; i.e the synapse junction.

Correct me *someone* if im wrong but i think in innovative therapy for patients who are resistant to normal therapy, a physician could combine the drugs but only to a certain extent because of hyperthermic and hypertensive crisis that can rise.

Hope this helps and waiting for more replies because I would like to see an answer to this as well!
The hypertensive crisis occurs with MAO Inhibitors regardless, its cause of the ''cheese reaction'', which is why MAOI's are 3rd line drugs...
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