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Antidepressants Mechanism of Action - FA 2010

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Can someone please explain this?

What I think is happening:

Tricyclics & SSRI's are preventing the re uptake of NE & 5-HT, therefore there is more available extracellularly for action in the post synapse.

The MAO Inhibitors are preventing MAO from metabolizing both NE & 5-HT so more can be use in the synapse.

So all the actions of the drugs are synergistic? :rolleyes:

This is from FA 2010, Psychiatry Chapter, Page 452
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Serotonin Syndrome

The combination of SSRI's with any agent that increases serotonin levels (MAOI's, TCA's, lithium, amphetamines) can cause "serotonin syndrome".

Symptoms: confusion, agitation, rigidity, tremors, hyperthermia, sweating, shivering

Treatment: monitor airway, supportive care. FA lists cyproheptadine (5-HT2 antagonist)
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