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I am fooling around the usmle topic a lot the past few years.
You see it was a great deal in my mind and while reading all the effort you guys put into these exams made me negative.
Basically, i am a 4th year resident of urology, i still have 1 to go. IMG of course, and i have just completed my MSc in robotic urology. I have like 20 domestic papers in conferences and journals and 6 international published pubmed indexed papers. I did a rotation at Weill Cornell Hospital for 6 months in Urology department and have 2 good US LOR.
The think is my wife have a great opportunity to work back in Europe in Zurich, but with a lot of effort and sucking....we can translate this position to US. We are very stressed because even if i am able to work at Zurich, i could never find a job due to language issue except in research. So i was wondering if i put a lot of effort is it possible to get a fellowship in US?
If it's impossible do you think it's wise to get a new residency if possible?
I am 34.
Thank you guys for offering me this chance.

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Hate to tell you

I hate to tell you that Urology residency is one of the most competitive (if not the most) competitive residency in USA.

It's very difficult for fresh US grads themselves, let alone, an IMG.

Your urological experience certainly recognized but there's no that you can take the place of an AMG, no matter how your CV looks great because simply they'll filter you out even before they look at your CV.

As far as fellowships, yes there are opportunities for IMGs such as this one

But the problem is that what is your plan after the fellowship? If you plan on staying in USA then the fellowship won't help you. To pracitce in USA, you have to do residency.

I suggest you do the following;
Try to use your current connections and try to be in contact with urologists in USA and ask them about your chances.

Perhaps, (am just wishing here), if you can get a strong connection with US urologist, they will let the PD look at your CV and maybe you have a chance (this is of course assuming that you get super high scores in USMLE).
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