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Ritz, M, 2013, has completed all examinations Step1 to Step 3, in which the examination room in Philadelphia in 2013 by CS exam. Mother tongue is English, has extensive experience in teaching CS.
USMLE candidates willing to provide
• Zero-based one-skype online video teaching service
• New York and New Jersey area face to face teaching
• Sustainable follow-up to the day before the last day of exam
• currently provides online teaching candidates for the different countries of the world
Key Features
• taught in English
• to combat the core, repeated many cases skilled.
• Familiarity with standardized patients CS exam training process used.
• deeply familiar with international students and non-native students of English weakness, one targeted instruction, progressive approach to help students build from the beginning of the first class best suited to your own templates.
• A comprehensive guide in English medical records.
CS teaching experience
• Cumulative taught over 1000 hours.
• Students (three dozen people) all pass counseling
• both English-speaking students, students from the United States, London, Canada (including the rotation of the third and fourth grade students of American Medical Colleges), there are also non-native speakers of English, from China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ecuador, Poland, Israel and other places.
• students' language skills vary, ranging from the need 25-50 hours per person
• intensive training for personal weaknesses. If you make a comparison, short courses in some exam training institutions is a collective big lesson, if you do not understand, can not be interrupted, but not the place to be ignored later, and you may need to strengthen the American students and those around the place not the same.
• can help you in the short-term training proficiency examination bodies before completion of various interrogation and medical records training.
• provide relevant information to help candidates in New York, New York are familiar with American doctors groups in the region.
• Charges are reasonable, flexible hours.
• Provide first class free lecture (online skype lessons).
For more details, please contact [email protected]
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