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Here are some mnemonics I have for aortic arch derivatives, they are made by dr.NAJEEB (the best teacher ever). they might not be complete but very helpful:)

(first make sexy step then call for arches sleep with lungs)

:DFirst Make,,,,,,,,,1th arch......maxilary artery

;)Sexy Step,,,,,,,,,,2th arch.......stapedial artery

:cool:Then Call,,,,,,,,,,3th arch,,,,,,,,,,,common carotid

:rolleyes:For Archs!,,,,,,4th arch,,,,,Aortic & subclavian arches

:happy:Sleep with lungs ,,,,,,,,,6th arch,,,,,,,,pulmonary atreries

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This is awesome

This is even than what FA says about it

First arch -- > maxillary artery (1st is maximal)
Second arch --> Stapedial
Third arch --> Common Carotid (C the third letter of the alphabet)
4th arch (4 limbs) = Systemic

and they had no mnemonic for the sixth arch :p
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