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Hey, I'm new on this forum! And dreaming of a residency in the US for a couple of years...

I already successfully took USMLE steps 1,2 ck and cs as a freshly graduated swiss student ... I wanted to make sure that I would get the last step within the 7 years, because who would like to do it twice!

Then, I noticed that I need the ECFMG certificate to apply, right? I sent all the documents in November and only received the letter saying that they received them a couple of weeks ago ... So one can say that it's not fast.

Does anyone know where one can subscribe to the final step once the certificate is received? On OASIS, it only goes for step 1 and 2.

That's my first question ... I guess I will have a lot more.
Thanks for your help anyway

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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