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hi there ...

i am in a very weird spot and maybe this has got a more emotional side than academic ... my fiance and i have both applied for the match 2011.. he has scores of 96, 94 and pass ... and he applied for a b1/b2 visa back in may 2010 in order to give stpe 3 by august ... and he is still undergoing security clearance ... he's received 7 interview calls and no sign of the visa as yet ... his step 3 eligibility period expired in early november and his fee has been forfeited

people say its cuz of how common his name is ... others say nothing can be done about a non immigrant visa ... we've tried contacting everyone and he's just a week away from his first interview.

he's totally lost hope as to making it to the US, he thinks he's just thrown away all the money for the match this year .... i still dont want to give up, because i just cant imagine myself going and attending interviews with no trace of him ... is there anything anybody recommends :(
I have a friend who recently faced the same problem as you mentioned here. In fact, he had even gone to US previously on J1 visa and his paper work water-tight but due to his name which is common he had to wait for a long time. His CS plans went haywire but after a wait of 3 months, he finally got his visa. This is something that is inevitable, some are lucky some are not. I will just say that don't lose hope completely, instead try and schedule the available interviews for the later date. I am surprised that ECFMG didn't return the fees, you should have gotten a letter from the Consulate explaining the situation and you could have had the fees returned, thats what happened with my friend.

Anyways, the bottom point is just wait and pray (I know it doesn't sound much comforting) but the visa may well be on its way. I wish you both ALL THE BEST.

P.S. My friend eventually got his visa after 3 months from application date which is apparently the time required for processing.
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