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abuse is always a very sensitive issue, but obtaining such a history in an empathetic way is always very scoring but has to be done in a every case that has potential.....finding some small scratch at the back would be enough a trigger to ask a woman for abuse
there is a particular choice of words that one has to use while obtaining such a history....THIS IS HOW IT GOES...
lately , i have been witnessing a good number of people who are living in abusive relationship, coming to my office, so I prefer asking my patients upfront if they are being abused at home, be it physically , emotionally or socially ,In capacity of your physician , i want to assure you that once you share such information with me, i would make sure that you are helped in every way possible and the entire conversation would be kept confidential, so mr / ms ..... do you want to share any such experience with me

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Yes, but...

i think in this case, it is still necessary to mention in the PN
Yes, I agree with you. If such a problem is faced during the encounter it has to be noted in the PN.
But, this should not be taken as a rule. Like for example if the SP refused examination of the abdomen then you have to try your level best to convince him/her to examine and not simply mention in the PN that the patient refused the examination.
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