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AUA sued Arkansas for using the "California List". Turns out its looking really well for IMGs in this suit.. Arkansas has backed away from using this list now and its looking like this list, including in cali, isn't lawful.

as per Nevisbutterfly

"What the lawsuit wants at this point is federal case law. As stated in previous posts, the only court that can trump federal case law is the US Supreme court. When and not "if" AUA wins this suit, then it will become federal case law and CA law will fall. Lawsuits are not cheap and AUA needs restitution. I am not part of this lawsuit, but I was personally harmed by the medical board ruling.

No state can use this list as it stands, including CA, if AUA is successful in winning the case or coming to a settlement. The attorney in New York for AUA is aware and will not stand for anything less than a ruling that will set forth "federal case law".

By the way, thanks for keeping all of us updated on the case.

CA and those that use the CA list's only option would be to take it to the US Supreme court or revamp the way they view and qualify foreign medical schools. I would love to see the high court's opinions on this one. "
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