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Preparing for the USMLE is one of the most daunting tasks that doctors face in their medical life in the US.
Not surprisingly, students get frustrated and depressed during this exhaustive and tremendously stressful process.

Here are some tips to help you avoid depression during your preparation:

  • Healthy diet: if you eat well and avoid excessive caffeine this will minimize the chances of disturbance.
  • Sleep well: do not follow the advice that says the longer you stay at night the higher will be your score. On the contrary, sleeping well is a key factor in getting your REM sleep reorganizing your hipoccampal memory specially in the days immediately preceeding the exam.
  • Don't study in the weekends: No matter how slow or how late you are in your study plan, you have to have breaks, enjoy your weekends to the maximum.
  • Vent out: Talk to your family and friends about your progress and the problems you are facing, make USMLE friends such as through this forum, this will outstandingly get you through the days and weeks and prevent development of depression.
  • Think positively: Always say to yourself "when I finish this I will get a happy and rich life and I will live up the American dream".
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