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Congrats!!! Please share your story
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It really breaks my heart as I write this but I just hope that someone atleast might benefit from this..

I appeared with my parents at the Islamabad embassy for my US visa and it was declined.The VO asked me to sit down while he interviewed my parents first. This is what they asked them :
why do you want to go to the US, how long willl you stay there, what do you do, prove your financial settlements, have you been to the US before...Then they called me and interviewed me alone.This is my conversation with the VO :

  1. Why do you want to go to the US? CS exam
  2. Have you been there before? Yes
  3. Why ? High school
  4. I believe you had a great experience! Do you talk to your friends often? Yes
  5. So what are your future plans? aiming for a residency
  6. What will you do when you come back to Pakistan? externship here and research
  7. I see you are not working for the past 6 months.WHY????!!!!!! I quit to study
  8. Really!!!!So you mean that you quit to study ??? For 6 months!!! ahhmmm..Yes, a lot of drs do that. USMLE is quite a competitive exam
  9. I have seen so many students working and studying for their steps?!! (sigh)
  10. You mentioned you know this person in the US.Who is that? How long have you known that person? (XYZ, for 20 years, family friend)
  11. Let me see your documents.
  12. Why the low usmle score? I was aiming for a higher score but well trying hard for my CK.
  13. What study materials do you use? KLN,uworld
  14. What residency will you aim for? Family medicine, the low score can suffice
  15. Where are your siblings? (xyz)
  16. How long have they been in those countries? (...... yrs.)
  17. Are you married? No
  18. Never married? Yup, never married.
  19. Give me a minute please.
  20. I have bad news maam..Sorry! I cannot determine at the moment that you have strong ties with your country and you might not return back from the US. (shocked!!!) Is there something I can do to get a visa as I will be reapplying.
  21. Change your circumstances.Good bye! (Tears!)
* get an employment! Apply for the visa while you are working! Give them an assurity that you WILL return to your country.
* Mention that you will be living in a hotel rather than at someone's home.
* I don't know but maybe my "single" status would have been a negative factor too.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SUGGEST ME WHAT I SHOULD DO NOW!ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!! I am totally dishearted.Had my wedding in May and seems to be cancelled now.My fiance can't travel and if I don't travel either, it ends for us...I can't stop my tears.

I do understand that they need to assess the intention of an applicant BUT unless they know tetralogy of Fallot, they have no business knowing my study plans or books that I use. wtf!!!
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