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B1 visa for elective got rejected , any chance to have it after 30 days?

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Good day everyone,
I got my b1 visa for elective rejected couple days ago .
The VO asked for my passport and ds160
-asked me why i am going to us?

-asked me what is the elective ?
Told him that it is 4 weeks program , we will shadowing and rotationg with doctors
And i will get back to my country so i can graduate .
And gave him the invitation letter and gave him a paper from dean that is proof of my academic progress

I got nervous because he had already rejected 5 people before me .
Then he kept typing on computer .

And asked me suddenly you are in medical school from 2013 "i failed 2 years" , i told him "no i am medical student"

Then he asked me who will pay for your trip
Told him my father.
Asked about my father job ,told him he is engineer and gave him my father bank statement but he just looked at the first page
And kept typing after 2 mins he checked the bank statement ,i told him it is 4 papers bank statement ,then he opened 3rd paper and looked for the amounts of money .

The he asked me about the hospital's name that i will rotate in it , i told him

After that he checked my passport and asked me if i have traveled to another country before , i told him no .

Then he said sorry your visa is rejected


So , what do you think guys ?

If i re-apply and get interviewed after 30 days with the same papers and statements could they give me the visa ?

Thanks ,
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