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B1 visa query!

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I have an approval for b1/b2 visa.
from what i know the maximum stay in us with this visa, at each visit is 6 months.
is it possible to stay for longer than 6 months, for about another 2-3 months?
if yes, how do we do it?

anyone who has experienced this before, can you please shed some light on this matter?
or if anybody has any information regarding this and could please share it?

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I understand, an immigration expert is a better person to question. But the only I'm asking here is with the hope that if anyone has been in similar situation before, they might be able to provide a solution. If there exists one.

I will not stay longer than allowed. Or do anything that maybe problematic.
I wanted to know, If there was a way to make them allow a couple of months longer stay legally.
Multiple entry. 10 years
Thank you for your replies.
I have an idea now. And can work accordingly. It does seem a little risky though.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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