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Be aware ! Scam Aleart! GMEmatch

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Please be aware of this firm named GME Match, also known as GME Consultants.
The chairman name is Dr. Edwin Alexander Loyal, his assistant name is Rachael Andrade.
This firm operates from the following two addresses.
21550 Oxnard Street. 3rd Floor | Woodland Hills, CA 91367
34145 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, CA 92629
This firm advertise themselves as an experts in professional services for IMG Residency.
They mainly target FMG's who are not matched for several years, and are in a desperate situation to get into any residency position.
Dr. Alexander will say what you want to hear, he will say there is 99% chance he will secure a residency position for you through his "contacts", allure you into signing the contract. Once you signed the contract, and pay the money, he will exchange e-mails, meet you in person, and pretends that he is working towards getting you an interview, but at the end, he will not deliver anything. He will give you all the excuses and lies. In the end, he will not take your calls, or respond to your e-mails.
Yes, i am one of the idiots who fell for this guy. I want to get the word out there to save you tens of thousands of dollars. Please DON't fall for this guy! he is the unscrupulous person i have ever met! :mad:
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