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Been studying FA with CS and I think its awesome, one thing I noticed is it recommends that IMG's do CS first, I think this is fine yet I want you to understand that step one is harder and should be number one on the list. First Aid has been out for 10 years now, the tests were different just 5 years ago, step one was not as hard as it is now.

More IMG's are failing step one then before, this is what the NBME wants in the US. I'm a US citizen and it anger's me that the NBME has evolved into this.

Anyway, since you have to travel to the USA to take CS, I suggest that you stay in your country and pass step one first then take CS as a "Vacation".

Your English must be OK, does not have to be great, but understandable.

Also get First Aid for CS I agree its the best thing to prepare for the test.

You will need a partner to practice on, I have done so many exams in my life ( Was an RN for 19 years) that I feel comfortable performing the skills, you need the practice to feel confident and comfortable.

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