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behavior sci mnemonic - "marijuana overdose" Check this out !

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side effects of marijuana overdose are like a halloween experience . Come, let's smoke a MaryJane and enjoy a Bloody Mary!
-guy with painted hallucis longus and brevis (hallucination) :cool:
-you exclaim EgAD! euphoria, anxiety, delusion ('cause how could this even conform to your societal norms in daily life?):eek:
-you feel all paranoid :confused:
-your mouth's all dry from the candy you've eaten :p
-you are bored out of your mind and at your wit's end- during your hayride - you want to go home and watch 'desperate housewives', so time slows down for ya. :sleepy:
- you watch some of the critters lingering around and you secretly wonder to yourself
can that be eaten? (increased appetite) :D
-your impaired judgement lingers on for a couple of hours - into the wee of night :rolleyes:
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after the crazy night of drunkedness, you wake up in the morning with depression-- wishing that you were still out partying like last night! Because you eat mostly odd things like critters, you have anorexia. You cannot sleep because you wish you could celebrate more halloween nights(insomnia). You have this wishful thinking at its peak for the next 48 hours-- but it lasts for about a week 5-7 days till you forget all about it. However you are still peeing out halloween candy in your urine till a month coz you ate so much candy!:))
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