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Stay Confident

Dear Doctor,
I had the same problems, and then I asked some of those who has taken step 1. They told me that almost all IMGs have problem with Behavioral Science. So if you are also an IMG, don't worry about it too much. Although I read Kaplan lecture notes and UW relevant to Behavioral Science I still had problem. Then I found two small review books and these two have at least helped to some extinct. I hope that if you also study these two it will help you too.
1- For Ethics please study Kaplan Usmle Medical Ethics. It is a small book and you bet you can finish it in one day.
2- For Bio statistics please refer to High Yield Biostatistics. It am sure that it will help you too much as it helped me. You may be able to finish it in about 4 days.
I hope that my response would be helpful to you,

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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