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What is the best USMLE Step 1 Video Course?

  • [URL=

    Votes: 99 36.8%
  • [URL=]Dr Najeeb[/URL]

    Votes: 34 12.6%
  • [URL=]Doctors In Training[/URL]

    Votes: 25 9.3%
  • []Pass Program[/URL]

    Votes: 7 2.6%
  • [URL=]Northwest Medical Review[/URL]

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • [URL=]Falcon Reviews[/URL]

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • [URL=]USMLERx First Aid Step 1 Express

    Votes: 6 2.2%
  • [URL=]USMLE Success Academy[/URL]

    Votes: 97 36.1%

Best USMLE Step 1 Video Course?

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In this poll let's vote for the best USMLE Step 1 Videos that are out there.
If you watched other videos please post reply.
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I finished the DIT videos and really liked them as a quick comprehensive review.
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They are all good
But I think we should add Pass Program to the options
They are all good
But I think we should add Pass Program to the options
Pass Program Videos Added ;)
i haven't yet taken the exam, but i am planning on using Najeeb, since his vids are really helpful...
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I think Pass program videos are very under-rated, though i would appreciate any comments and suggestions.
Sabio please add kaplan high Yield videos too :)
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KAPLAN + Dr. Najeeb

Some topics in kaplan videos are just read from slides but still over all Its a good studying aid.
Dr. Najeeb videos are much explanatory. I will personally recommend its neuroanatomy and pharmacology part.
Does anyone have this broken down by section. I have some Kaplan teachers that I really like for certain sections, but i find others are HORRIBLE. I am looking to supplement the good kaplan lectures with another company to have a complete, good, set of lectures.

Najeeb is good for explanations, but I don't feel he has a good grasp of what are highlighted on the boards.

The only Pass videos i've seen are older videos (early 2000's?) and as good as he seems, they are a bit random and all over the place.

I never really liked DIT.

Any other options?
Best videos for step 1

i have just started using kaplan.....ther r really good but deficient in some topics... dr.najeeb videos r best...but plz i request to all my respected senior cooleagues plz post some good & complete set of videos which can fulfill our requirements of each subject... perhaps every junior & personally i ll b very thankful to all of u...Happy-2
dr najeeb is best for making concept in basic sciences.
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Please add The USMLE Success Academy to this list.

Thank you.
This posts is*very*informative.*Thank you!
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hey according to the poll, kaplan videos are the most recommended one,however going through some of the posts i am kind of confused. could anyone please recommend subject wise ,which video series is the best ?
shall appreciate the guidance
Bacterial endocarditis (Endocarditis) - High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know

Bacterial endocarditis (Endocarditis) - High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know
is a localized infection of the endocardium
characterized by vegetations involving the valve leaflets or walls.
It can also be classified as acute (ABE) or subacute (SBE).
Infection of healthy valves by high-virulence organisms
Produces metastatic foci
Usually fatal if not treated within 6 weeks
Most common organism is S. aureus (MCQ)
Seeding of previously damaged valves (rheumatic heart disease, con-
genital valve defects: mitral valve prolapse)
caused by low-virulence organisms
Does not produce metastatic foci
Most common organism is Streptococcus viridans (MCQ)
Mitral valve is most often affected(MCQ)
Read more at news4medico dot com/endocarditis/
1132 High Yeild Topics for USMLE
See less See more
usmle video lectures

can you add smashusmle to the list too? thanks
Has anyone watched SmashUSMLE videos?

You should place SmashUSMLE videos on the voting polls.
Great Step 1 score taking USMLE Success Academy

I recently passed my step 1 and I wanted to thank everyone for the great info! I attended a decent school in the Caribbean and used the mandatory Kaplan review course to prep for step 1. I took the advice of my friends and this forum and took a few nbme exams after I was done with the Kaplan course. I was not passing my nbmes and I needed more help because the best score I had was a 169 :scared:!!! I read the reviews about the success academy and my good friend had taken their online class in the past so I decided to sign up for their online and live classes. It took me 8 weeks to complete both courses and I was also using Uworld. My nbme scores went up a lot and I was able to pass my step with a score of 237:). Thank you success academy for your help!! P.S. Bring your own coffee if you take the live course!:))
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1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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