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Some tricks

The answer to this is that you do more and more blocks so that you train yourself for the best time management.

Few tricks:

  • If you see a question that is so hard and difficult to answer, just answer it as quickly as you can and mark it. Do not spend time trying to solve the dilemma.
  • Try to mark out hints from the question stem. For example; 45 year old patient brought to the emergency department because his wife found him unconscious on the ground. He had never experience similar episodes in the past. She did not notice any abnormal movements or incontinence. Physical examination was normal. ..... The green words above you can mark them with the higlighter (left mouse click) so if you ever need to read the question again you just look at the major points and no need to spend time reading the connector sentences.
  • If you are doing 50 questions blocks then this is wrong because the current exam is 44 questions per block.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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