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Auer rods, Myeloperoxidase, Sudan-black, Chloroma, Translocation 15-17, DIC, all-trans retinoic acid ----- AML

Pelget Huet, Aviator glasses nuclei, ring sideroblasts, Pawn ball cells ------Meylodysplastic syndromes

Philadelphia Chromosome, Tyrosine kinase, P210, bcr, Imatinib, blast crisis ------ CML

Dry tap, increased reticulin, Meyloid metaplasia, Teardrop RBCs ----- Meylofiborsis

Clover leaf lymphocytes ---- ATTL

Pautrier microabscesses, Sezary cells ----- Mycosis fungoides

Reed-sternberg, Owl-eye, popcorn cells, lacunar cells ---- Hodgkin Lymphoma

Russell bodies, Dutcher bodies, Flame cells ---- Lymphoplasmocytic Lymphoma (Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia)

Bence Jones proteins, M band, Osteoclastic activating factor, IL6, Lytic skull lesions "punched out" ------- Multiple Meyloma

Ballerina skirt, Downey cells ------ EBV

Tartrate-Resistent acid phosphatase (TRAP) ----- Hairy cell leukemia

Smudge cells, Parchute cells ------ CLL

Centrocytes "Buttock cells" ------ Follicular Lymphoma

Starry sky appearance ------ Burkitt's Lymphoma
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