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Boundaries of the Inguinal Triangle (also called Hesselbach Triangle) can be remembered easily with this mnemonic

R = lateral border of the rectus abdominis makes the medial border of the triangle
I = Inferior epigastric vessels making the superolateral border of the triangle
P = Inguinal ligament (also called Poupart's ligament)

This will help us remember that the direct inguinal hernia rip through the triangle

Here's a grey's anatomy illustration

Jaw Triangle Rectangle Font Slope
Copyright Notice: this image has fallen in the public domain because it's copyright has expired

Note that in the illustration we also see the femoral ring below the inguinal ligament bound medially by the lacunar ligament (see related thread).

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need that for my upcoming anatomy exam, thats a good one , because not all of them will say " it rips through" etc. so you just learn the mneumonic but sometimes you forget what it is connected to.
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