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Hi guys,

I am planning on giving my CK exam by the end of may to mid June max.. that is my time frame..

I am doing the CK videos at the moment... they are good..easy to understand and gives u what u need to know...after I do a section from the videos I have tried to read that section in the CK Kaplan books...there seems to be more detail in the books and it honestly seems to be putting me to sleep, its slowing me down..

I also have both MTB 2 CK and MTB3... I am planning on reading them as they are recommended by alot of people on this forum

My question is...for those who have taken the CK exam and have used the videos, lecture notes and MTB books with UW it possible for me to just do the videos and get all the information from them as I can.. then read MTB 2 and 3 for that specific section I did... neglect the lecture notes totally....and then once done with the videos and a reading of both MTB books, go on to UW questions and just use MTB revisions with UW revisions till exam time..

Hope I didn't confuse anyone with my question... just basically can I skip the lecture notes since I am doing the videos is my question.. and do the rest what people do and make it this limited time I have..

Thanks in advance for responses
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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