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Can you manage with only the audio?

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Speaking about Goljan pathology of course, those who got 99 before and everyone else taking the test, Can you manage with only the audio? Or is RR a must?
I can try to push RR into the already tight schedule..but is is worth it? or should I avoid that in this critical time?
Concerning the notes, (the 146 pages)..What do you think? try to push them in too?
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Yup - again - its about how well you know your material and why you're getting the questions wrong. If its details that you're missing out and you can follow the question for the most part until the last few associations you're fine and Goljan RR is not important. Otherwise well, the margin notes in Goljan RR are pretty useful too.

Definitely use something like webpath to look up slides though - that apparently comes in handy...
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