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Hey guys,im just going to type out conditions and drugs used,i feel like reading from mtb and uworld has confused me and i dont know which to actually memorize so typing it out and someone out there can tell me if its write or wrong.

decrease mortality = heparin , aspirin , glycoprotein inhibitors

2) STEMI -
decrease mortality =
a) time dependent --- aspirin , thrombolytics (<30min) , PCI(< 90min)
b) NOT time dependent --- beta blocker , statins
NO mortality benefit =

1st line = beta blocker
next = ccb/nitrates(acutely)

4) PE with acute MI -
Diuretics,NOT beta blocker

5) CHF -
S3 or systolic dysfunction -
decreased mortality = spiranolactone/epelerone,ace,arb,beta block
No mortality benefit = diuretics , digoxin

S4 or diastolic dysfunction -
decreased mortality = beta blocker , diuretic

Contra Indications -
Nitrates - CI in hypOtension,RV MI and severe AS
Beta blocker - CI in CHF,Bradycardia,Cardiogenic shock

2nd doubt i have -
is Acute Coronary Syndrome(ACS) = Angina and MI and if so DOES stable/unstable angina come under NSTEMI and Prinzmetal angina under STEMI?

Also feel free to tell me if im thinking about any of this the wrong way and what the right way would be,thanks.
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