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Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Psychiatry Interview Video

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I have a interview call from Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Psychiatry program Boston, MA( 400-24-21-092).

1.They say they will show us an half hour movie which will be followed by a movie discussion......... I want to know if this movie is about a academic/Psychiatric topic ????????? or is it general???????????? Should i ask the program coordinator about it?????????

Please provide any relevant information you have that would help me in getting through....................

Thanks in advance...........
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Just don't worry about it

I don't think you need to worry about this. It's going to be a general topic and they'll then discuss it with you and they'll see how psychiatry-ready you are.

I don't think you need to prepare for it. Just be yourself at the interview.

Asking the program coordinator may not be a good idea because she may note down that you are scared about it.
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