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A 5-year-old girl is brought to the physician 30 minutes after
being bitten on the forearm by her cat. Examination shows a small
puncture wound covered with dried blood. She is at increased risk of
infection for which of the following reasons?

A) Arm wounds are more susceptible to infection

B) Salivary enzymes in cats augment infection

C) It is difficult to cleanse pathogens from this wound

D) The Staphylococcus species involved is particularly virulent

E) Young children are less able to resist infection than adults

I thought it was C ,
and some other people thought it was c as well and some people picked A from what i saw online .. hence the hightlighted "A"

any idea ?

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cat is commonly known as reservoir of pasteurella multocida and because of long canines it has ,cleansing of deep puncture will be hard and more probability of infection .so if i were you i would choose "c" too.
option A indicates to rabies.
although cat is a possible reservoir but note HER cat so a domestic cat with a lower probability causes rabies.
it's my opinion ,may be wrong:)
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