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Here' s a mnemonic to remember the causes of gynecomastia commonly asked in USMLE:


S = Spironolactone
A = Alcohol
C = Cimetidine
K = Ketocanazole
E = Estrogen
D = Digitalis

Under Estrogen you can also include cirrhosis (decrease metabolism), Old age (decreased testosterone), Klinefilter, and puberty.

It's important to remeber that both excessive testosterone (such as in athletes taking exogenous tables, or in testicular tumors) there will be feedback inhibition and ultimately decreased testicular testosterone production and gynecomastia. Also peripheral conversion of testosterone to estrogen by aromatase.

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drugs causing Gynecomastia

Allow me to sound a little cheezy in this one..but its definitely helpful.

Men go to DISKCO drink alcohol and smoke Marijuana and check out women's breast to get Gynecomastia.


hope it helps

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