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Challenging Question #7

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7) A 65- year- old retired truck driver who smokes a pack of cigarettes daily is diagnosed with essential hypertension. He has no previous history of cardiovascular disease or sexual dysfunction. In the primary care physician’s office, his blood pressure is 170/95 mmHg. He is prescribed a single therapeutic agent. Shortly after the beginning of the treatment, he experiences difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection.

What medication is most likely to have caused this adverse effect?

A) Hydrochlorothiazide
B) Enalapril
C) Losartan
D) Prazosin
E) Verapamil

Explanation will be posted soon....
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Care to give some reasoning behind choosing E?
Sorry...I changed my choice to Prazosin:eek:
Sorry...I changed my choice to Prazosin:eek:
Yeah I think thats it, 1st dose hypotension problem

its not used anymore in the USA, only very rarely

HTN management is now

Diuretic, Beta Blocker, ACEI, ARB ( lots of DM II), CCB driven therapy now.:D
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