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Chance of ranking without MSPE or Dean's letter?

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Hi guys,

I couldn't get any MSPE or Dean's letter from my country due to a protracted workers' strike. I submitted my application anyway and got only four interviews. After my interviews, one of the programs still requested that i send them my MSPE/Dean's letter by e-mail or fax.

As an IMG, is there any chance of being ranked without an MSPE/Dean's letter?
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Thanks Sabio, I've explained to them why i may not get the MSPE soon but they didn't reply again. I'm just wondering if programs can actually rank an applicant without any dean's letter.
Yes they can rank you. The Dean's letter is not mandated by any official regulatory institute, it's just a program requirement.

However, if that program insists on having the dean letter then they will most likely will not rank you.

I suggest you give the coordinator a phone call and try to get info from her. Don't just send an email.
Thanks Sabio, will do that!
WoW four interviews

man can you tell us what is your situation

how long since you graduate?
do u have USCE? how many months?
what type of visa? J1, H1b, Green Card or US Passport?
what is your USMLE scores? Step1? Step2
Low scores (all 80's but 1st attempt)
Graduated 2006
No visa need
Working on a clinical research for 6 months
Interested in Ob/Gyn or Ped
Applied November ending
Only Ped interviews
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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