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YEs you can.
I did it too.
Call the USMLE number. provide your ECFMG login number..hold for your turn....tell the person what you want to do....take their name....take the fax number from them....write the letter with your ECFMG is saying that you want to change region...make the from and to very clear....fax it with ATN Mr./Miss(name of person you spoke too)....fax it the same day as you called.....Call again that say or the next to reconfirm to that specific person.....they will process it....don't remember the time but its in weeks..i think 2......your extra money will be refunded to your ecfmg account for use in the next exam you wont get cash or cheque..........end of story.
I had to go through a lot to find any info on the net...ppl misguided me so im sending a detailed reply.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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