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Hello forumites,

I'm getting ready to apply for the 2011 match but i'm confused on the issue of which type of visa to apply for. I've been in the US on student visa though married to a US citizen.

My wife has just applied to the USCIS for the adjustment of my visa status to permanent resident. I understand the process my take about 6 months. If my status is not adjusted before the ERAS application starts, is it advisable for me to apply for J-1 or H1B visa?

Can I change the visa status any time after I've started the application for residency or change from J-1 visa after my wife's application for me is approved?

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Apply as green card holder

I don't think it's a good idea to apply for J1 or H1B.

I suggest you apply in ERAS with a green card status. By the time you hit the interviews you should have your green card ready.

If you apply for J1 or H1B Visa you will lose many chances and also the change of status is a complicated process that may even take more than 6 months (from J1 to Green card).
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