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CK whatsapp group

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Hi everyone,

I am starting a CK whatsapp group for all SPs. The plan is to do MTB2 for IM, MTB3 for the rest in about 10 days. And then start UW later. The format would be to read the book on your own and then revise/recall. What you revise can be uploaded as audios on that group. So that they serve as audio lectures and enhance memory of anyone who listens to them...

We will finish MTBs like this. And then start doing UW and discuss important concepts in the questions in a similar fashion.

I have started MTB, done with neuro, major part of pulmo. So will be doing the rest but everyone else can chip in with their audios about the topics I have covered.

I have got whatsapp numbers of been, lymphoma107 and usmlestep001 from this forum. Anyone else who wants to join the group, PM me or leave a message here.

Thanks and good luck to all.
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PM me your number, I will add you
Anyone wanting to join, please message me your number. The group's strength is grown to 7 people.

DrLara send me your number as a message within this forum, and I will add you.
Sure, darkangel_86. I will add you.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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