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Clearing the confusion about the Verification of Medical Credentials

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I will be applying to ECFMG in 2-3 days, I have my form 186 ready today...
In these forums I see a lot of confusion regarding verification of medical credentials...

My question is,
during my initial post to ECFMG...I should send the following documents...
1) form 186 signed (as I am a graduate)
2) form 187, form 344(two) and form 345
3) my medical diploma (two copies)
4) two passport sized photos...

Anything else I need to send them? the verification process is the second step of the application process, once ECFMG sends it to my school, right?

Is there any new rule to this verification or is the same as in ECFMG Registration Steps dr sabio

thanks in advance
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Important note

There are three types of Form 186:

Type 1: has to be signed by notary public only
Type 2: has to be signed by medical school official
Type 3: has to be signed by both of them

If your Form 186 has to be signed by medical school official, then you should not send it to ECFMG, you should send it to your medical school and then the medical school sign it and then the medical school sends it directly to ECFMG, you should not yourself send it to ECFMG.

As for the other forms you mentioned in your post, yes, you are right and the list is complete.
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