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Clerkships for IMGs

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Hey guys I am new to the forum. Can anyone who has rotated at major institutions share their credentials at the time of the elective?

Mine in a nutshell: non US medical student, Step 1:256, 4 publications-3 with major US professors, 1 authorship at a textbook by major US institution, volunteer work with the American College of Surgeons, subintership at home university and co authorship to a textbook by one of my professors, 20 oral presentantions, teaching experience, no TOEFL.

I am not trolling. I know that I am in good shape. My step 1 score is solid but not stellar. I want to apply for Surgery electives( like a lot of you) at Mayo, HMS, Yale, Cleveland etc... everyone's top choices.

So, can anyone who has been there let me know my chances?

P.S. Keep the post rolling. I believe it will help a lot us out there.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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