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Clinical Clerkships Question in ECFMG Registration

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Hi everyone,

I was filling my application for step 1 & there I found that I have to mention clinical clerkships that I did during my study.:notsure: now I was just wondering that 1- how many do i have to mention?
2- in addition to that, I did clinical rotations in medicine & surgery in all 3 yrs, so do i have to mention them separately or i just mention the final yr rotations?
3- does this have any impact on my step 2 application, & later on when i apply for residency, (i mean which subjects i did my clerkships in, & for how long?)

everyone plz help with your comments & expertise.

thanks :)
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I actually called them about that because I did A LOT of stuff but it's a while ago and they expect you to put in exact dates, supervisor names etc.
ECFMG told me that this part is optional and has absolutely no effect on anything so I just skipped it and left it blank.
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