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Hey guys...
I need a little advice.
Ive taken and passed step 1 and step 2 ck...I also took my step 2 Cs literally, a few days ago.

So I was wondering..... if I should start studying for step 3 while awaiting my cs results.

I knew I was late regarding the match this year.. I applied super late, not ecfmg certified, Im a US citizen but a foreign grad. I figured it boils down to me losing some money, if I dont match or get interviews .. etc
So I thought Id just try my luck.

As far as step 3 goes, should I start studying meanwhile?
If so , Im completely cluless about the whole step 3 process, and what materials , bookwise to start out with.

I read a few other posts about step 3 , a lot of info, but at the same time all of that info, didn't give me an idea about how to start, or if I should begin studying and try taking it to get it out of the way.

My main question is, would it be more beneficial if i took it now, esp considering I doubt ill match this year and how exactly should i start , what books should i purchase and so forth....

Any info is greatly appreciated

thanks in advance!

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Thanks steptaker

Ill read the FAQ's I already kinda skimmed over it before you had posted it.

So that book you mentioned, worth buying and using is it a series of books similar to the kaplan prep books for step 1 and 2?
And where do you recommend purchasing them from?

Im so use to the kaplan books, since I used it for step 1 and 2, and cs.
Are there kaplan video's for step 3 as well?
And Ive heard alot about conrad fischers step 3 material, not sure what it was called though.

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The Kaplan Medical Master the Boards for USMLE Step 3 Book is written by Conrad Fischer and it's the book you were told about and I recommend you buy it from Amazon and here's the link

Kaplan Step 2 CK notes is identical to Step 3 notes except that they added some clinical scenarios. So I suggest you stick to your CK notes and this issued has been polled and discussed here

There are videos for the Step 3 and here's the link but many students say that the videos are the same as for the CK.

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Step 3


I am in the same boat as you (except I am ECFMG certified), but I am a US citizen also.

I am studying for Step 3 now too. Better keep going and get it over with is what I say. =)

I been reading this forum and all and so far what I think will seem good for me is UW for questions and CCS + some Kaplan Q-book stuff. For notes I'm using Premier Review and I checked out Master the Boards from the library.

I feel like Master the Boards is too concentrated. You have to know all in the book...I guess if you were to highlight, you would highlight almost everything!!! lol...but I wouldn't pay for it. That's just my opinion though. =) You should scour your libraries though. Can't say how many things I've found there.

Even BLS and ACLS books!!! =)

ALL THE BEST!! (I just finished applying for my Step 3 permit...still waiting....)

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Hey Missmbbs,

Thanks for the info, I actually ended up getting quite a few interviews afterall,

Got occupied, with that , hence, my quest to finish or rather start studying for step 3 hasn't begun yet! lol

Oh well.. not a bad thing,

I have to say I've never heard of premier Review at all,

Everyone I know used master the boards,

Im so use to kaplan im tempted to seek out the kaplan step 3 books, even though i've heard the step 2 ck books are good enough to study.

Anyways, if you want, you can email me when you get the chance, maybe we can help each other study, and what not,

actually i was about to post my email, but ill private msg u my email might be safer.
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