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I have a question regarding Item 18. Medical School Information.

I am a medical student currently studying medicine at university in Malaysia. I entered the medical school in February 2009 and am expecting to graduate from its preclinical training in June 2011 with the Certificate of Completion for Phase 1 of the Medical Programme to continue my clinical training (Phase 2) at Jefferson Medical College (JMC), Thomas Jefferson University, USA in May 2012. However, before transferring to JMC, I am required to take and pass the USMLE. The institution that would be awarding my Doctor of Medicine degree, should I pass the USMLE and transfer to JMC, is JMC of Thomas Jefferson University. If that happens, I am expected to graduate in June 2014. Should I fail to transfer to JMC, I will continue my medical studies in my current institution and graduate with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.

As such, I am confused as to how I should fill up Item 18. Medical School Information in terms of:

1) Medical School That Will Award Your Degree
2) Date you will complete requirements for the final medical diploma
3) Expected date of graduation
4) Date medical diploma expected to be issued
5) Title of medical degree
6) Internship
7) Government/Social Service

Please help me clarify the issues stated above. Thank you.
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