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Kaplan Medical started a new online teaching service for Step 2 CK takers. It's called Conrad Fischer's Comprehensive Cases.

This is essentially an online video streaming of case-based tutorials in which Dr. Conrad takes on each and every corner of the case.

This is one of the earliest attempts in Which Kaplan Medical have started to switch from the center based DVDs to the online streaming. (this is debated in one of our threads).

Here's what one of members posted about it;

This course is amazing, I mean Dr. Fischer Conrad is fantastic, he's unbelievable. He's the best medical clinical teacher of all times!

Oh my God, on those cases he takes us into a journey that you so enjoy that you even forget yourself and never know that the hours are passing.

The way he jumps in and out with variable volume coming out of his "fishy" lips will leave you smiling all the time.

I finished the mitral stenosis module immediately. There are 15 questions for the same clinical case scenario which is a lady with cough and hemoptysis + h/o rheumatic fever.

In that module he explains everything you need to know about murmurs for the Step 2 CK and perhaps for the rest of your medical life! He will make the murmurs in his lips and arms, then he'll let you listen to an audio of the murmur and then an audiograph will pop up in a window!

Wow, that's the most advanced technical medical teaching I ever seen.

I believe doing those 20 modules will let you end up acing the step 2 CK without any doubt.

Here's the link to Kaplan Medical Conrad Fischer Comprehensive Cases

Below is a youtube promo



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