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I just encountered a question in Kaplan Qbank telling asking me about the contraindication to smallpox vaccine and it turns out that one of the contraindications is coronary heart disease because there's increased risk of MI after vaccinia.

My wonder is, do they really ask such a bizzare rare questions in the real CK exam. If the answer is yes then I will probably give up reading :(

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Yes, it can be, but ...

Yes, they ask such questions in the real exam but such questions are not the "norm" they are the exceptions. You won't see more than handful of them in the whole exam.

My recommendation is that when you see such a question in any commercial qbank you don't need to be upset and you don't need to memorize the "factoid" just pass it. It will be very unlikely that you will be asked about the same exact point in the exam.

Kaplan is famous for inserting such "mysterious" questions, see this article
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