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A 24-year-old dress designer complains of a crampy periumbilical pain. These symptoms have been present over the past 9 months since she began her first job after graduating art school. During that time, she has had several episodes of constipation lasting 4-5 days. These are typically followed by 3-4 days of frequent loose bowel movements. She denies any bloody stools, fever, weight loss, or change in appetite. Her symptoms are generally milder on weekends. Her physical examination is normal. Her white blood cell count is 6700/mm3, her hematocrit is 38%, and her erythrocyte sedimentation rate is 4 mm/h. Her serum albumin and liver function tests are normal. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Crohn disease
B. Diverticulosis
C. Giardia infection
D. Irratible bowel syndrome
E. Ulcerative colitis
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