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Credentials not received by med school...been 4 months

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my medical credentials havent been received by my medical school...its been 4 months...and the ecfmg has sent them a 2nd time too...still not received...

is it that the results are not released untill the completion of the medical credentials verification process??? no matter what:(

anybody in similar situation??

what do i do if everytime i ask my medical college n they say they havent received yet???? its sooo frustrating:(
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could you please tell me how that is done??

when i had called them last month asking about a faster service for which i would pay, they told me to make an account in fedex or dhl etc n then give them my account number n an authorization letter saying that they can use my account for sending the credentials to my college...but before i could do that the next day after this conversation i saw on my oasis account that my credentials had already been sent a 2nd time by them....the very next day...?
so i couldnt do waited........

thanks for all help
You can still give them your FedEx account number and authorization even if they did send it the second time.
Give them a call again and try sending the docs using FedEx.
They may tell you (you have to wait three months) before doing that but you can tell them (that the mailing system in your country is not working and that you are pretty sure the docs will not arrive in the second time also).

Also, you need to contact your medical school and see who's responsible for receiving mails. Maybe it's there but they are not paying attention to it.
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