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Credentials not received by med school...been 4 months

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my medical credentials havent been received by my medical school...its been 4 months...and the ecfmg has sent them a 2nd time too...still not received...

is it that the results are not released untill the completion of the medical credentials verification process??? no matter what:(

anybody in similar situation??

what do i do if everytime i ask my medical college n they say they havent received yet???? its sooo frustrating:(
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Get to the bottom of this.

Maybe ECFMG has the wrong email/mail address to send the confirmation??? I would ask ECFMG what they are doing in terms of mailing these things to your medical school, check your medical schools current address for there head office?

I actually never had anything like this happen 2 me thankfully. But its best to call ecfmg to find out what the specifics they are using to mail these results

USMLE results wont be released till confirmation is finished, Once complete, they will release results either a week after or if you give them a phone call on the matter.
I would suggest and offer to pay for fedex.. Much faster than regular mail.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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