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*woops, was thinking very Step 1 like.. Didn't notice this was the Step 2 forum (thanks google). but my comment still stands...* :)

Ahem, excuse me if I offend but where did you get this question from? Seems poorly written when compared to other sourcse, such as wikitestprep, usmleworld, usmlerx, Kaplan or NBME in terms of academia/learning potential.

If you know he has Crohn's, why such studies? Just think of Crohn's potential complications, such as fistulas, malabsorption consequences, Colon cancer etc... none of the answer choices really solve any of the issues there, considering the diagnosis is already made.

By the way, choice A and Choice E are the same thing. Of course you can specify where the point of entry is (mouth vs anus) to truly and accurately signify a difference.

Helical? Why helical? Standard is fine.

Barium? to detect fistulas? Perhaps, but trust in your clinical picture observation first, i.e infection, peritonitis, air in organs that dont have air in em (gallbladder), etc... CT with contrast? Same thing, why, why, why?

Thats why I ponder on where you got this question from, and why you post it for others... If you are trying to learn more, I applaud you. If you post it so we can help you on your homework, then... I have other things to think about.

Take it easy and much luck.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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