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Well, I always come here for knowledge so it's fair that I share my experience. Hopefully it will help somebody :)

1st-No matter what people say, once You're there, it's YOU on your own, making your best or at least trying to.

2nd-I know people say it's the easier exam out of the 3 Steps and that You might be ready in 7 days...It could be true but NEVER UNDERSTIMATE this exam. It's not hard, it's just CHALLENGING.

3rd-I found it annoying when people were saying all the time: Practice, Practice, Practice...Now that I went through the exam...I say the same:p

4th-Time Management.

5th-Show Empathy to the patients,really important.

I like to study and being the best doctor I can be; I am not easy to impress, nevertheless this exam was by far one of the most challenging I've had, if not the most.

I feel confident w/my performance, not so much on my patient note, because I am good at typing but my mind kept telling me I had to write, (state of mind is really important).

After all, It's such an amazing experience and I will feel really proud if I pass. I will let you know guys. In the meantime, this is how I feel :toosad::eek::sorry:

Hahaha! You will do great if You set yourself up for success; I know I will.

God is my father!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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