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CS experience

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Well, I always come here for knowledge so it's fair that I share my experience. Hopefully it will help somebody :)

1st-No matter what people say, once You're there, it's YOU on your own, making your best or at least trying to.

2nd-I know people say it's the easier exam out of the 3 Steps and that You might be ready in 7 days...It could be true but NEVER UNDERSTIMATE this exam. It's not hard, it's just CHALLENGING.

3rd-I found it annoying when people were saying all the time: Practice, Practice, Practice...Now that I went through the exam...I say the same:p

4th-Time Management.

5th-Show Empathy to the patients,really important.

I like to study and being the best doctor I can be; I am not easy to impress, nevertheless this exam was by far one of the most challenging I've had, if not the most.

I feel confident w/my performance, not so much on my patient note, because I am good at typing but my mind kept telling me I had to write, (state of mind is really important).

After all, It's such an amazing experience and I will feel really proud if I pass. I will let you know guys. In the meantime, this is how I feel :toosad::eek::sorry:

Hahaha! You will do great if You set yourself up for success; I know I will.

God is my father!
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Can you please tell us more about patient interaction? Did you have enough time for questions and P.E.?

How did it go with notes writing? Any special tips for these scenarios?

P.S. Well done! :)
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