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CS in A WEEK LA Center. Insight PLS

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Hello Every ONE and GL beforehand

I'm a IMG in Orthopedics '04, just took Step2CK in Dec 2010 and PASSED! as well The Step1 that took twice, Passed the second time!

I'm Taking The CS Next Wednesday in LA and wanted to hear some experiences in that center... and how tough is the test? read that mostly is to see proficiency on the language, that I Manage OK.

I'm Studying by FA CS and UW videos (still have to watch) and not finished reading the first aid, hopefully ill finish by Wednesday and read the cases again.

Thanks for ant input and GL
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Got The Score Today... FAIL! yes I don't believe it.
Passed the CIS and SEP and FAIL ICE!?

Im so Depressed...

Took the Test in LA 20th January
Step1 85
Step2CK 99
I had failed too back in 2009, and I'm still scary to repeat it, what do you think the causes?! and how to avoid it?!
Thanks for this tip; I think I fell in the same pit, and will try to be more precise.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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