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hello everyone,
recently sat my exam for CS, after a few days of resting, the mistakes i made during exam are still bothering me.. hope the people who passed the exam can give me some feedback

PS dont ask me what/where i had on exam, its prohibited to share this information.

1.Fine, didnt listen to lungs in anterior aspect
2.forgot to ask one symptom related to the primary ddx, but covered all others,
4.Fine, but I think I accidently touched my nose with the back of my wrist before touching pt and this is after washing hands... (I am really concerned about this...:()
6. Fine, forgot to consult smoking...
8.Fine ,didnt listen to lungs in anterior aspect first case, too nervous, (may had forgot to say "i am Dr. whom..." but did explain what i was goning to do in this enocuter, and missed a stronger 2nd ddx instead filled two weaker ones(supportive but the stronger 2nd ddx is more common) and as a result didnt order the test for that stronger 2nd ddx. May had loss a few history on my notes.. Lastly, stutter a bit in response to challenging q but pt did understand.
10. My second case, stutter a bit in response to challenging q but pt did understand. In general, ok case.
11.forgot to do cranial nerves test,and fundoscopy for neuro case, due to time pressure but other specific test did help me towards my final diagnosis.
12. in general went fine, miss second stronger ddx, forgot to order one workup, and forgot to put down 1 physical exam test i did on pt note...)

please guys i need some feedbacks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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