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CS Neurological Physical Examination

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While practicing for CSA Exam, I noticed that time is very constricted. My practice trials for the physical examination runs for 6, 7, 8, even 9 minutes. Especially cases with mini-mental exams and neurological exams take the most time. I was wondering if there is any good methods to shorten the time needed.
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My thoughts on this

Practice makes Perfect
You need to practice more and more.
At some point you'll be able to do the neurological examination quickly within the constrained time.

Also remember two tricks:
1) Do focused examination if possible. Like if the problem is lower limb weakness then you don't need to do the cranial nerves in details for example.
2) While taking the history if you anticipate the need for CNS exam then you need to cut short the time you take in history taking and shift it to PE.

The Reality
Although what I said is ideal. I can assure you that less than 1% of students have actually done a complete neurological examination in their CS exam. The boards are aware of the fact that nobody can possibly finish a complete CNS and PNS exam in 5-7 minutes.
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